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Lawn with thinned grass from rust disease at a property in Roswell, GA.

Rust Disease Control in Woodstock, Roswell, & Alpharetta, GA

Turfgrass rust produces powdery orange spores that infect grass blades from tip to root and causes your lawn to yellow.

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Rust disease control services for residential and commercial properties located in the metro Atlanta area, including in areas near Woodstock, Roswell, and Alpharetta.

Falling behind on your lawn care services can increase the likelihood of rust and other fungal diseases.

Lawns that don't receive the proper care and maintenance are open to a host of problems with diseases and pests. One of the most common issues that many home and business owners see in our area of Georgia is grass rust.

Rust appears as the same color as rust on a car or other piece of metal. The fungus spreads throughout your turf and causes grass to turn a yellow-brownish color which matures into a more orange-red hue.

Controlling rust is mostly accomplished by performing routine lawn care services that protect grass health all year long. When hiring a professional lawn care company like TurfXpert, you're ensuring your grass is properly taken care of and treated with high-quality products and services. We serve residential and commercial properties located near and around Woodstock, Roswell, and Alpharetta, GA!

What is grass rust?

Rust is a fungal disease that coats grass blades with orange-red to yellowish-brown dust or spores. Yellow spots will mature and overtake the blades by starting at the tips of the leaf and working their way down until the entire plant dies.

As the rust progresses, your lawn will continually thin out and die-back. This can happen even quicker because rust also inhibits the photosynthesis process. Grass blades coated with spores cannot absorb enough solar energy to perform photosynthesis efficiently and supply your lawn with enough fuel for producing strong and healthy grass growth. The dust from the rust spores can also cling to shoes, clothes, and other lawn equipment, which can spread the disease throughout your yard at a much faster rate.

These grass types in Georgia are most affected by grass rust:

  • Bluegrass
  • Ryegrass
  • Zoysiagrass
  • Bermuda
  • Fescue

When does rust appear in Woodstock, GA?

Grass rust appears in shaded or low light areas of your property. Lawns with excessive moisture and compacted soil provide the perfect environment for the fungi to grow and spread. Most property owners in Woodstock and other areas of Georgia notice rust in early spring and through mid-summer because the weather is warmer and very humid.

Stressed or undernourished lawns with low nitrogen levels are most susceptible to rust. It's recommended that routine lawn care services are performed to maintain grass health and minimize the risk of diseases and pest infestations.

How do we treat for rust fungus on your property?

Rust that isn't treated quickly can thin out and destroy your turf, especially if you just put down new grass seed. Overwatering is a big factor that can lead to grass rust, so lawns should be watered deeply but infrequently to avoid lingering moisture and issues with water drainage.

If watering isn't a problem, then you may need your lawn treated with a nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Performing a soil test is the best way to ensure your soil has a good balance of nutrients and that pH levels aren't too alkaline or acidic. Both can impact lawn health and make grass susceptible to diseases like rust and dollar spot.

Dethatching your lawn and performing core aeration once or twice a year minimizes thatch buildup and helps the root system develop deep in the soil. Grass roots that have established in the layer of thatch can be affected by drought and cause your lawn to become stressed.

Protect your lawn from rust and other fungal grass diseases by giving the TurfXpert team a call!

Lawns that are ruined and killed by fungal diseases like rust can take months to fully recover. Avoid having to pay for a total lawn restoration by calling us (833) 444-8873 when you start noticing orange or yellow spots on your grass blades!

Our team at TurfXpert has treated lawns and landscapes across the metro Atlanta area, including in places like Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, and more. We can administer the best course of treatment that cures your grass of rust and helps your lawn thrive again!