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Lime treatments applied to a Woodstock, GA home lawn.

Lime Treatments in Woodstock, Roswell, & Alpharetta, GA

Lime treatments help rebalance a lawn's pH levels for optimal and healthy growth.

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Lime treatments offered for properties in Woodstock, Roswell, and other cities near Atlanta, GA.

Applying lime to your lawn cleanses a grass' root system to improve nutrient uptake.

Lime is made of pulverized limestone and used to change the acidity and alkaline levels in the soil. These pH levels impact the growth of grass and other plants. So, if you start noticing lawn moss, weeds, and other lawn diseases, all are considered signs that your soil pH is too high or too low for optimal growth.

The solution to this problem is applying a lime treatment to your lawn to help rebalance those pH levels, thereby improving nutrient uptake! At TurfXpert, we include this in step 7 of our fertilization treatment program!

Home and commercial properties across Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, and other cities near Atlanta, Georgia are eligible for our fertilization program! Learn more about how your lawn can benefit from a lime application.

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Lime and fertilizer make a powerful duo for fall lawn care.

Fertilizer and lime treatments being applied at a Roswell, GA property.

Lime and fertilizer are two crucial treatments in ongoing lawn care that impact the health of your grass. If soil pH levels are too acidic, your grass cannot properly absorb any nutrients, rendering your lawn fertilizer useless.

When lime is applied first, it can help your grass receive the maximum amount of nutrients that are immediately released into the soil from the fertilization treatment. This is why lime and fertilizer make the perfect fall lawn care duo! Lime should not be considered as a substitute for regular lawn fertilizer, but it can help boost the fertilization application's effects.

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Lime helps prepare your lawn for new spring growth.

Lime acts as a detox for your lawn's root system to increase the absorption of key nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

One benefit of fall lime treatments is that the lime has months to soak into the soil, which gives the soil plenty of time to store even more nutrients throughout the winter while the grass remains dormant. Once spring starts, those stored nutrients are used to help new grass grow back greener, thicker, and healthier than last season!

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Fall is the ideal time of year to add lime to your lawn.

While some may wait until spring, many consider fall to be the best time of the year for lime treatments.

Lime can take several months to fully dissolve. The freeze/thaw cycles, rain, and snow in the fall help break down the lime so it can penetrate deeper into the soil. The more time lime has to penetrate the soil, the better the results will be for your lawn come springtime!

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Join our fertilization program to receive yearly lime treatments for your lawn!

Regardless of your lawn having cool or warm-season grass, all lawns in Georgia can benefit from a yearly lime treatment! It's an effective and easy way to renew your grass and keep it healthy even during the winter.

TurfXpert's fertilization program offers lime applications as the final step in our 7-step fertilization schedule. If you're not already part of our program, there's still plenty of time to join! Contact a member of our team at (833) 444-8873. Whether you're located in Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, or another area of north Georgia, we are happy to service your residential, commercial, and HOA property.

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