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It's Time to Aerate and Overseed Your Cool-Season Grass

It's Time to Aerate and Overseed Your Cool-Season Grass

It's Time to Aerate and Overseed Your Cool-Season Grass in Roswell, Woodstock, and Surrounding GA Areas

Behind every beautiful and lush residential or commercial landscape is a properly-treated and maintained lawn. This fall, do not miss your chance to aerate and overseed your cool-season grass. It's one of the most important things you can do for your lawns health! Read along to find out more about aerating and overseeding this fall.

What is aeration?

Over time, the soil on your lawn will become dry and compacted. This is due to the constant exposure to the hot sun, foot traffic, and continuous mowing for months. Our team performs core aeration to respond to this problem and improve the health of cool-season grasses like fescue.

Lawn core aeration diagram and infographic for Woodstock, GA.

The process of aeration involves punching holes through the built-up thatch and top level of soil to improve your cool-season grass’ access to water and key nutrients. Aeration also allows oxygen to reach the root system, which helps grow stronger and more resilient grass.

Aeration is also an essential step before overseeding, as it allows for better seed-to-soil contact. This massively helps promote better growth and germination.

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What is overseeding?

Close up photo of grass seeds for overseeding services in Roswell, GA.

Overseeding is the process of adding grass seeds like the common cool-season grass fescue to your lawn without totally turning your soil over. This is ideal for growing new grass, fixing bare spots, and...

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