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A macro closeup photo of an armyworm in a Woodstock, GA lawn.

Armyworms Infestation Control in Woodstock, Roswell, & Alpharetta, GA

We offer preventative armyworm infestation treatments for residential, commercial, and HOA properties.

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Managing Armyworms Infestation in Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta & Surrounding Areas in Georgia

Armyworms can wreak havoc on your lawn during the cooler months of fall. Call TurfXpert for armyworm treatments.

These pests arrive as early as May as they travel from south to north, but we generally see armyworm damage in the fall in Roswell, Alpharetta, and surrounding areas. These worms are a common nuisance in lawns found in Georgia. If left unmanaged, these insects can significantly damage your lawn and other plants.

Our team at TurfXpert provides armyworm control treatments for residential and commercial properties in the Roswell, Alpharetta, Woodstock, and nearby areas of Georgia. Explore more about this devastating pest here.

What Are Armyworms?

Armyworm curled on a leaf in a Roswell, GA lawn.

So what are the armyworms exactly? Despite the name, these aren’t worms. Armyworms are caterpillars that will eventually turn into moths. As the name suggests, they tend to infest an area in large numbers and can make your grass appear to be moving as swarms of armyworms move through your lawn. The infestation starts when gray moths lay a few dozen to several hundred of their eggs in your lawn. After a couple of days, the armyworms emerge and begin to feed. Once they have destroyed your lawn and surrounding plants, the armyworms transform into moths and begin the process all over again. The entire life cycle takes about four weeks.

When Do Armyworms Attack Your Lawn?

During the spring and throughout the summer, armyworms feed on your lawn and other low-growing vegetation in your lawn. As the season progresses, armyworms will begin to multiply until you have a full-grown invasion in the fall. Preventative lawn pest control treatments are ideal for minimizing the fall impact of this species.

How to Spot Armyworms Before Significant Damage Occurs

Photo of an armyworm in dark soil near Alpharetta, GA.

Early identification of the problem is your best weapon against armyworm infestation. If you start noticing small brown patches in your lawn, this will give you a hint that you could be having an armyworm problem. Armyworms will eat the tops of the blades of your grass, leaving the roots untouched. This leads to your lawn looking like it is affected by drought or burnt. Another key indication is the presence of birds rooting around in your lawn looking for food.

Other signs of armyworms include:

  • A straight line of brown or dying grass
  • Blades of grass may look transparent
  • A frosted appearance on patches of your lawn

Ways to Fight Armyworm Infestation

There are different ways to address an armyworm pest problem. The first line of defense will have to be the natural predators that will feed on armyworms. You have birds and insects that would prey on these pests. However, when significant damage is occuring to your lawn, our team will utilize a curative approach to remove the overwhelming infestation in your grass.

We Offer a Preventative and Curative Approach to Armyworm Infestation

Your best defense against an armyworm invasion is with preventative methods. Our process is to strengthen your lawn to ensure that it can withstand an armyworm infestation and naturally withstand these pests. With our lawn experts, we also provide armyworm preventative treatments that, when combined with aeration, overseeding, and weed control, will keep armyworms out of your lawn all season long. If you do notice a large population of armyworms in your lawn or the resulting damage, a curative approach is the solution.

Looking for Lawn Experts Who Can Help You Deal with Armyworms? Call TurfXpert!

If you are suspecting of armyworm infestation in your lawn, let us rescue your lawn before the damage gets worse. We offer a variety of preventive methods that can ensure a healthier lawn as well as curative measures for when damage has occured. We provide fertilization, weed control, aeration, and overseeding services for clients in Roswell, Woodstock, Alpharetta, and other surrounding areas of Northern Georgia.

We offer our services to both residential and commercial clients. Give us a call at (833) 444-8873 so we can assess the damage to your lawn and figure out a solution!

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