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Lawn care services in Canton, GA.

Exceptional Lawn Care Services in Canton, GA

We treat warm and cool-season grasses in Canton, GA, with our seven-step treatment program.

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Residential and commercial lawn care services provided in Canton, GA.

Our lawn care experts administer treatments that are scientifically proven to improve the health and quality of your lawn.

Canton is a city built on charm and a progressive spirit that holds something for every resident. It sits between Atlanta and the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains and offers the most scenic views of foothills and the Etowah River.

For those who don’t have the time, choosing a comprehensive lawn care program is the most effective way of ensuring your grass is consistently healthy and produces strong growth. Our team has developed a seven-step treatment program that delivers essential lawn care services to your exterior property.

See how TurfXpert can protect and improve upon the appearance of your residential or commercial exterior property in Canton, GA.

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Professional lawn care services help your lawn thrive and look pristine throughout the season.

Lawn care services by TurfXpert in Canton, GA.

A beautiful lawn depends on the level of care and maintenance it receives throughout the year. We follow a strict schedule designed to provide treatment applications at specific times of the year for the most optimal results. Check out the full list of services included in our seven-step treatment program.

Fertilization - Cool and warm season-grasses require different fertilization treatments at certain times of the year. Our seven-step program works for both grass types and administers the proper services when they’re needed.

Aeration & Overseeding - We perforate your lawn with our core aeration machine to alleviate soil compaction and increase nutrient flow to your grass’s root system. Overseeding is paired alongside our aeration service so the new grass can help strengthen existing growth against lawn diseases, insect and pests, and weed invasions.

Weed Control - Our pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control treatments protect warm and cool-season grasses from unwanted weeds commonly seen growing in lawns throughout Canton and nearby areas. We can treat for dandelions, clover, crabgrass, and more.

Insect & Disease Control - Lawns in Georgia are susceptible to several different lawn insects and fungal diseases that can destroy your grass. The best way to defend against these threats is by applying year-round pre-emergent and post-emergent treatments for long-term lawn health.

Lime Treatments - Overly acidic lawns disrupt healthy grass growth and make fertilization treatments less effective. Lime helps neutralize soil pH levels and cleanses the root system so your grass can better absorb the nutrients it needs for greener and thicker grass growth.

Tree & Shrub Care - Landscape plants need just as much care and maintenance as your lawn. We monitor for signs of poor health and apply the proper treatments to help fight off diseases and insects and fertilize your softscapes.

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Providing professional lawn care services for properties in Canton, GA, for over a decade.

TurfXpert has served the North Georgia area for over a decade. Our expert team provides professional lawn care services for residential and commercial properties in Canton and surrounding areas. Call today at (833) 444-8873 to hear more about our seven-step fertilization program!

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