Armyworms are voracious caterpillars that commonly infest lawns throughout Georgia. These pests feed on grass blades, causing extensive damage that can be identified by irregular brown patches on the lawn and chewed foliage. If armyworms are present in your lawn, you should take action right away and schedule a professional treatment to eliminate these pests before they cause too much damage to your turf. To safeguard against future infestations, it's advisable to have preventative treatments applied annually. A proactive approach such as this ensures a healthy and thriving lawn, free from the destructive effects of armyworms.

What are armyworms and what kind of damage can they cause?

Armyworms are destructive pests that can wreak havoc on your lawn. They are the larvae of certain species of moths and are most active during the warm months. Armyworms are voracious eaters and primarily target grass, including popular lawn varieties like bermudagrass and Kentucky bluegrass. They have a particular appetite for the leaf blades of grass, causing significant damage to your lawn's appearance and health.

Large populations of armyworms can quickly strip your grass of its foliage, leaving behind bare patches and brown areas. The damage caused by armyworms can be swift and severe, leading to an unsightly and weakened lawn. In severe cases, the damage can be extensive, and your lawn may struggle to recover without proper intervention.

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Armyworms get their name from their behavior of moving in large groups, resembling an army as they devour everything in their path.

What should you do if your lawn is infested with armyworms?

If you discover an armyworm infestation in your lawn, immediate action is crucial to control their population and minimize damage. The first step is to schedule a curative treatment as soon as possible. Curative treatments involve the application of insecticides specifically formulated to target armyworms and halt their feeding. These insecticides work by coming into contact with the caterpillars as they feed on the grass, effectively reducing their numbers and preventing further destruction.

By addressing the infestation promptly with curative treatments, you can give your lawn a better chance of recovery. However, it's essential to be vigilant and keep an eye on your lawn during the warm months, as armyworms can return and re-infest the area.

Next year, schedule preventative treatments to keep armyworms away.

To avoid future armyworm infestations and the potential for extensive damage to your lawn, it's essential to take proactive measures. Next year, consider scheduling preventative treatments to protect your lawn from armyworms. Preventative treatments are designed to stop these insects before they have the chance to start feeding on your grass.

Preventative treatments should be applied during the early summer months, typically around the time when adult moths lay their eggs. By intercepting the armyworm life cycle at this stage, you can disrupt their development and prevent a full-blown infestation.

Since armyworms are known to return each year, taking preventative action is the most effective way to safeguard your lawn from future infestations. By being proactive and implementing preventative treatments, you can ensure a healthy and beautiful lawn, free from the destruction caused by these persistent pests. Regular lawn care maintenance and professional advice can also help you stay ahead of any potential armyworm threats and maintain a vibrant outdoor space year-round.

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