For many property owners in Marietta, GA, caring for their trees and shrubs is of the utmost importance. To ensure your plants are as healthy as can be, it’s important to follow a regimen of fertilization treatments. The ideal fertilization schedule for plants in this area consists of one treatment in winter to fortify plant roots and promote winter hardiness. Two additional treatments are recommended between early spring and early summer to support vigorous growth and establish healthy foliage. Lastly, two more treatments from mid-summer to fall provide essential nutrients during the growing season and prepare the plants for the approaching winter. Following this well-rounded fertilization schedule ensures that trees and shrubs in Marietta will thrive year-round, showcasing vibrant and robust growth.

Apply one fertilizer treatment at the beginning of winter.

For property owners in Marietta, GA, the best schedule for tree and shrub fertilization includes several key treatments throughout the year. One important time to fertilize is during the winter season. Fertilizing at this time helps your plants build up essential nutrients and strengthen their root systems, providing them with a solid foundation to endure the winter.

During winter, many trees and shrubs enter a period of dormancy, conserving energy to survive the harsh conditions. By applying fertilizer in the winter, you supply your plants with the necessary nutrients they need to remain healthy and resilient during this dormant phase. The stored nutrients will support your plants' ability to rebound when spring arrives, allowing them to start the growing season with vigor.

Apply two fertilizer treatments between early spring and early summer.

As the weather warms and your trees and shrubs begin to wake from their winter slumber, it's time for the first of two fertilizer applications of the new growing season. This initial spring treatment provides a boost of nutrients that aids your plants in transitioning from dormancy to active growth. The early spring fertilization promotes lush foliage and encourages new shoots and branches to develop.

The second application during this period, around early summer, is equally important. As the temperatures rise and the demand for nutrients increases, your plants will benefit from another round of fertilizer to sustain their growth through the summer months. This application will help your trees and shrubs stay vibrant and resilient, giving them the strength to endure the heat and potential stressors of the summer season.

Administer two more treatments between mid-summer and early fall.

During the mid-summer to early fall period, your trees and shrubs may begin to feel the effects of the scorching summer temperatures. To support their continued health and vitality, it's time for another fertilization treatment. This first application will replenish the nutrients your plants have utilized during the summer, helping them thrive during the remaining hot months.

The second application, towards late fall, serves a dual purpose. It replenishes any nutrients your trees and shrubs used during the latter part of the summer, helping them stay strong and vibrant. Additionally, this application prepares your plants for the upcoming winter season. With ample nutrients stored in their system, your trees and shrubs will be better equipped to withstand the winter weather and enter a period of dormancy with adequate reserves.

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Most tree fertilizers contain an ample amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

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