Fertilizer for your lawn is like food to us - it's crucial to keep it well-fed to maintain its health and overall appearance. However, how often you should fertilize your turf depends on the grass type. One of the most common grass types on lawns here in Georgia is zoysia grass. Zoysia is a warm-season grass type, meaning it grows the most and is at its strongest in warmer weather. If your lawn consists of this grass, you should fertilize it three times throughout the year - in the late spring, early summer, and early fall. Fertilizing zoysia during its peak growing seasons will ensure it has a consistent supply of nutrients to accommodate all the growth it'll be doing and keep it healthy. This blog will discuss why these are the best times to fertilize your zoysia grass and how doing so will yield a healthy, verdant lawn!

Zoysia grass should receive its first fertilization treatment in the late spring.

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Because zoysia is a warm-season grass type, you'll want to encourage growth during the warmer weather. So, zoysia grass should receive its first fertilization treatment in the late spring, between April-June, since the weather is starting to warm up during this time. This treatment should also be liquid, as it's fast-acting and will provide your lawn with an immediate supply of nutrients to help it recover after the cold weather and jumpstart healthy new growth.

You'll Want to Fertilize Your Zoysia Grass Again in the Early Summer

As the peak warm season nears, you'll want to fertilize your zoysia grass again in the early summer, between June-August. This fertilization treatment will provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to withstand the brutal heat of summer; while it's a warm-season grass type, the intense heat can still stress out the grass. With an additional supply of nutrients, your grass will survive and even thrive throughout the season.

Robert Efford at TurfXpert

You'll want to use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer for the early summer treatment to encourage healthy root growth and maintain its desirable green color.

The final fertilization treatment for zoysia grass should be in the early fall.

Professional applying lawn fertilizer to a lawn near Holly Springs, GA.

As the summer heat becomes less intense and the weather is more pleasantly warm, your zoysia grass will need another round of nutrients. So, the final fertilization treatment of the year should be in the early fall, between August-October; it'll help repair any heat-related stress your lawn endured and provide enough nutrients to support one more boost of healthy grass growth. However, you'll want to use a granular treatment for this application because it's slow-release, meaning it'll gradually provide a consistent supply of nutrients over time rather than all at once. That way, your lawn will continue to receive nutrients, which it can store and use to help it survive the winter.

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