The key to aerating your lawn is timing. Core aeration loosens your soil, making it easier for nutrients and resources to find their way to the roots of your grass. However, you don’t want to aerate your lawn at the wrong time because it can be detrimental to the health of your grass. In Georgia, some property owners have warm-season grass that thrives when the weather is warmer. If you're one of those property owners who have warm-season grass, then you should schedule an aeration service in late spring when your grass is entering its best season. To better help your lawn, you should schedule this service every year to keep your soil loose so that nutrients will always be able to reach the roots of your grass. Keep reading to learn why you shouldn’t miss out on aerating your lawn this spring.

What is core aeration, and what are the benefits?

Core Aerator machine in lawn unplugging cores in lawn in Canton, GA.

Core aeration is the process of loosening your soil with a large machine called an aerator. The aerator passes over your lawn, plucking out tiny cores of soil, which will loosen up your soil and reduces the rate of thatch buildup and compacted soil. With your soil loosened, essential nutrients and resources can now easily find their way to the roots of your grass. Because the roots of your grass will have better access to nutrients and resources, it'll make it much easier for your grass to establish strong roots that promote healthy growth.

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After your lawn has been aerated, leave the cores on your lawn because they’ll eventually break down and recycle nutrients back into your soil.

Aerate your warm-season grass in late spring.

Picking the right time to aerate your lawn is crucial to the success of this lawn care service. Warm-season grass thrives in the warmer seasons like summer, so you want to aim to aerate your lawn in late spring. You shouldn't schedule any aeration services when the weather is too cold because that’s when your warm-season grass will be at its weakest. Digging into your lawn when it’s cold may end up doing more harm than good. By waiting until late spring, however, the threat of cold weather should’ve already passed, and you should be okay to have your lawn aerated. Plus, the newly opened pathways will benefit your grass as it can easily access the nutrients it needs to recover from the cold weather and start its growing season on the right foot!

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After aerating your lawn, schedule a fertilization treatment to give your grass a boost in nutrients!

Aerating your lawn every year can help lead to a vibrant, lush lawn.

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You don’t want to miss out on aerating your lawn each year because you’d be depriving your grass of the many benefits that come along with it. Aerating your lawn will help keep your soil loose which will help prevent it from becoming compacted. If you don't aerate your lawn each year and your soil becomes too compacted, your grass will have trouble getting the nutrients and resources it needs to survive the year. Aerating your lawn will loosen your soil and make services like fertilization treatments much more effective and can lead to a vibrant, lush lawn with the proper care.

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