Iron is an essential nutrient your lawn needs to thrive and aids in chlorophyll production, which gives your grass its beautiful emerald green color. If your grass is having trouble staying green and is starting to turn yellow, it's most likely suffering from an iron deficiency. If that's the case, your lawn can benefit from a chelated iron treatment; chelated iron is processed iron that is usually added to fertilizers and can be easily absorbed by your lawn. For lawns in Georgia, the treatment should be applied in the spring - between April-June - for the best results. With just one treatment, your lawn will have access to enough iron to replenish its healthy green color!

What is chelated iron?

TurfXpert worker applying iron treatment with fertilizer to lawn in Sugar Hill, GA.

Chelated iron is a form of iron that is commonly added to fertilizers and is easily absorbed and more beneficial for your lawn. While iron in its pure form will oxidize and cannot be absorbed by your lawn, chelated iron is specially formulated to stay in an accessible form. Iron is an essential nutrient your turf needs to promote the development and production of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll absorbs sunlight and turns it into food for your lawn, making your grass green and healthy. If your lawn cannot absorb iron from the soil, it can't make chlorophyll.

Chelated Iron Will Make Your Lawn Green Again

Green grass after applied iron treatments in Woodstock, GA.

If your lawn is having trouble staying green, it may not be able to absorb iron from the soil. Without enough iron, your lawn can suffer from chlorosis, which is when it starts to turn yellow. With a chelated iron treatment, your turf can easily access and absorb the iron it needs to regenerate its healthy green color.

You should apply chelated iron to your lawn in the spring.

Spring is the prime growing time for your lawn, as it's coming out of the winter season and will need essential nutrients to give it a jumpstart for a healthy year. It's also the best time to help your lawn recover from any stress it's endured during the fall and winter seasons, including limited absorption of iron. Fortunately, a chelated iron treatment will help; it's best to treat your lawn with chelated iron in the spring, between April-June, to ensure that the temperatures are optimum for it to be successful. If it's too hot or too cold, it can affect and impede its benefits to your lawn.

Andrew O'Neill at TurfXpert.

Professional lawn care companies will usually add a chelated iron treatment to their fertilization and weed control program, ensuring that your lawn stays healthy and green.

Sign Up for Our Fertilization & Weed Control Program & Receive a Chelated Iron Treatment

At TurfXpert, the health of your lawn is important to us, and we want to ensure the best results with our services. To do this, we offer a chelated iron treatment as part of our fertilization and weed control program! We offer two fertilization and weed control schedules that are designed to accommodate the cool-season and warm-season grasses in Georgia, both of which also include a chelated iron treatment during the third round - in April-June. Our fertilization treatments will supply your lawn with essential nutrients, including iron. When you sign up for this program, you can count on your lawn being healthy and green all year long!

Our fertilization and weed control program, complete with a chelated iron treatment, is offered to homeowners, business owners, and HOAs in Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, and other nearby areas in Georgia. Give us a call today at (833) 444-8873 to sign up! We look forward to working with you and replenishing your lawn's vibrant green color with our chelated iron treatment.