The winter season in Woodstock, GA can get pretty cold, so you'll want to prep your cool-season grass so that it can not only survive the winter season but thrive once spring rolls around. A good way to start preparing your grass is to schedule aeration and overseeding services. You'll also want to schedule a lawn fertilization service to provide your grass with the nutrients that it needs to survive the winter season. One last lawn care service that you should schedule is a lime treatment. A lime treatment will help to balance the pH level of your soil to promote better nutrient uptake. Continue reading to learn more about these services and how they will help you prepare your cool-season grass for the winter season.

Boost your lawn's health and vigor by scheduling aeration and overseeding services.

TurfXpert professional overseeding lawn with a spreader machine in Duluth, GA.

If there's one thing your lawn needs for the winter, it's strength. That means that you'll want to ensure that your grass is able to access any nutrients and resources that are available so it can develop strong roots. That's where aeration comes in. This service involves reducing soil compaction, so much-needed nutrients and resources can reach the roots of your turf. This will boost your lawn's health and promote deeper and stronger roots.

Overseeding is another service that will help prepare your lawn for the winter. This service involves spreading grass seeds across your lawn to thicken your turf and fill in any bare or patchy areas. A fuller lawn will be better able to stand up to the winter weather.

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For best results, you should schedule overseeding directly after your lawn has been aerated.

Help your grass absorb more nutrients by balancing the soil's pH levels through lime treatments.

Handful of lime treatment being poured over lawn in Woodstock, GA.

The soil beneath your grass holds vital nutrients that your cool-season grass needs not only for the winter but throughout the year. However, if your soil pH levels are too acidic, your grass will not be able to properly absorb the nutrients. That's where lime treatments come in! Our lime treatments will help rebalance the pH levels of your soil, this way, your soil will be able to absorb the nutrients that your grass needs to grow healthy and strong.

Lime treatments are best paired with fertilizer because it boosts the effects of fertilization. The best time to apply lime is in the fall, as there is enough time for the lime treatments to soak into the soil before the winter, giving your grass more time to absorb as many nutrients as it can.

The last fertilization treatment of the year carries your grass through the winter.

While lawn fertilization by itself is crucial for your lawn's long-term health, the last treatment of the year matters more than you think! The last fertilization treatment of the year should give your grass enough nutrients to carry it through the winter season. The last fertilization treatment of the year should be administered in either November or December as this will give your lawn the strength to survive the winter season. Your cool-season lawn needs slow-release fertilizer for the winter. That's because this type of fertilizer is designed to gradually release nutrients, which means your turf will have a consistent supply of vital resources even during dormancy.

We can help you prepare your cool-season grass for the winter. Give us a call to schedule our aeration, overseeding, fertilization, and lime treatments.

Before the winter finally sets in, you need to make sure that your cool-season grass is in optimum condition so it can survive and push through dormancy. At TurfXpert, we offer fertilization, aeration, overseeding, and lime treatments to prepare your lawn for the winter and ensure it can bounce back easily in the spring. Our professional lawn care services are available to homes and businesses in Woodstock, GA and throughout the surrounding areas. Call us today at (833) 444-8873 to schedule any of our services.