Eliminate unwanted weeds from your property with help from the best lawn care company in Woodstock, GA: TurfXpert! Most local Georgians know that our state plays host to some of the toughest weeds in the country. These nuisance plants make maintaining a beautiful lawn a little more difficult. However, with our expert help, you can remove all of the worst weeds in Woodstock.

What Are the Toughest Weeds in Woodstock?

The northern Atlanta suburbs have no shortage of hearty weeds and many of them detract from the overall beauty of our lawns. Let’s go over some of the toughest, hardest-to-kill weeds in the Woodstock area before discussing how to identify and remove them. From the perspective of our lawn care specialists at TurfXpert, the worst weeds in Woodstock, GA include:

  • Nimblewill
  • Thistle
  • Crabgrass

Why Are Nimblewill, Thistle & Crabgrass So Tough?

Our team encounters weeds on a daily basis. Some of them require minimal attention, but others need a little expertise to remove permanently. Read on as we explain what makes nimblewill, thistle, and crabgrass some of the worst weeds in Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, and nearby areas of GA.


Nimblewill weeds growing between bricks by a home in Woodstock, GA.

Often mistaken for Bermuda grass, nimblewill enjoyed a complete lack of effective herbicides on the market for many years—until recently. The weed earned its name because it nimbly spreads across the soil using its stolons, which resemble branched stems that stick out from the side of the plant. If uncontrolled, nimblewill can take over and kill an entire lawn.


Thistle weeds in a yard by a home in Woodstock, GA.

As one of the most versatile and adaptable types of weed, thistle survives under almost all conditions. Even more concerning, thistle grows rapidly and possesses a robust root system, which makes weed control even more difficult. Finally, thistle’s spiny leaves make natural weed removal through targeted grazing almost impossible.


Crabgrass growing on a property in Woodstock, GA.

A fast-growing weed, crabgrass can easily outcompete the rest of your lawn, covering it over and forming a thick, tough mat that stretches for several feet. As the chameleon of the weed world, crabgrass can prove difficult to identify because its appearance changes based on soil conditions, weather, and other variables.

How to Deal With the Worst Weeds

Our lawn care specialists at TurfXpert deal with every type of weed that has made its way to Georgia. Each species requires different tools and techniques to remove properly. Read on to see how we deal with the worst weeds in Woodstock, GA.

Nimblewill Control

As previously mentioned, no herbicide could effectively eradicate nimblewill in the past. Control measures usually involved soil improvement and reseeding. However, a new herbicide called Tenacity recently gained approval and works well both before and after the emergence of nimblewill.

Thistle Control

Several powerful weed killers work well on thistle. Unfortunately, strong herbicides often kill some of the surrounding grass. Several preventative measures do exist that will stop thistle infestations before they start. Kill all thistle not found on your lawn with an herbicide. Provide nutrients to your lawn and allow it to grow a little longer to prevent thistle from taking hold.

Crabgrass Control

One trick to control crabgrass involves reducing the number of seeds that make their way onto your soil. Rake the crabgrass in the opposite direction of the way it grows to force up seed branches. Then, immediately cut your grass with a lawnmower that possesses a grass catcher—and dispose of the clippings far away from your property. Also, remove any dead crabgrass. Finally, several herbicides will kill crabgrass, but you should use them judiciously to avoid killing your lawn or surrounding plants.

Have You Found Yourself Stuck in the Weeds? Call the Experts!

To win the weed war and avoid any mishaps, give our friendly staff at TurfXpert a call at (833) 444-8873 to schedule a lawn care consultation anywhere in Woodstock, GA or surrounding areas like Roswell, Alpharetta, and Marietta.