To achieve a strong and healthy lawn, you'll need to fertilize it regularly throughout the year. If your lawn is comprised of bermudagrass here in Georgia, you will want to fertilize your lawn in the spring, summer, and fall seasons to ensure it always has the nutrients that it needs to thrive throughout the year. You should fertilize your lawn in the late spring to encourage new growth and prepare it for the upcoming summer. Fertilizing in the early summer will give your lawn an extra boost to make it through the hot summer months. And by fertilizing in the early fall, your lawn will be able to recover from the summer season and be more prepared for the winter. By following this fertilization schedule, you can help ensure your grass will have all the nutrients it needs throughout the year.

Fertilize your lawn in the late spring to help it recover from winter and prepare it for the summer months ahead.

Phosphorous granular fertilizer in gloved hands at a property near Alpharetta, GA.

Fertilization is necessary for a strong, healthy lawn. If your lawn is filled with bermudagrass, you should fertilize it in the late spring. By fertilizing your lawn in the late spring, you'll be helping it recover from the winter season and boosting its growth. This treatment will also prepare your bermudagrass for the hot summer months lurking around the corner.

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Nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus are the three main nutrients that most fertilizers contain.

A fertilization treatment in the early summer will help your lawn make it through the hot temperatures.

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Even if you have warm-season grass like bermudagrass, summer can be a difficult time for your lawn. The hot summer temperatures can take a toll on your lawn, and it will need all of the nutrients it can get to make it through this season. You should apply a fertilization treatment to your lawn early in the summer so that it has the nutrients that it needs to make it through this stressful season. For best results, you should use a slow-release fertilizer that is high in nitrogen, as this type of fertilizer will gradually deliver nutrients to your lawn for an extended period of time while helping it develop a strong root structure.

Help your lawn recover from the summer and be prepared for the winter by fertilizing in the early fall.

Gloved hand applying granular fertilizer to a lawn in the fall near Alpharetta, GA and surrounding areas.

Fertilizing your lawn in the early fall will help it recover from the summer heat and prepare it for the upcoming winter months. Your grass will use up a lot of nutrients over the summer, so fertilizing in the early fall will allow your lawn to replenish all of the essential nutrients it requires to thrive. Because winter dormancy is approaching, fertilizing during this time will also allow your lawn to soak in all of the nutrients needed to prepare for the winter, ensuring that your bermudagrass is healthy and beautiful when spring arrives!

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At TurfXpert, our fertilization schedule is specific to the type of grass you have. We fertilize both warm- and cool-season types of grass to ensure they are able to thrive and stay healthy throughout the year. For warm-season grass such as bermudagrass, we have a specific fertilization schedule where we will apply our fertilizer treatments at different times of the year to ensure your grass is prepared to handle the different seasons we face in Georgia. We offer our service to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, GA, and surrounding areas. Give us a call at (833) 444-8873 to schedule our fertilization service for your property today! We look forward to hearing from you soon.