Grubs are white, C-shaped pests that are a big problem for property owners in Georgia. These pests feed on the roots of grass, causing severe damage when left untreated. Fortunately, you can get ahead of grubs with preventative grub control treatments! Preventative treatments protect your lawn by eliminating grub eggs or grubs that have just hatched, so they won't have a chance to start feeding on your lawn. You need to apply preventative treatments before grubs start hatching for the treatment to be effective. If you skip out on preventative treatments and end up with a grub infestation on your lawn, you can get rid of them with curative treatments. However, a curative treatment can't reverse any damage that they have caused and you'll need to invest in lawn care services to help your lawn recover. In order to avoid all of that, it's a wise idea to invest in preventative grub control treatments.

How does preventative grub control work?

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The best way to prevent grubs from destroying your turf is to prevent them from establishing themselves on your lawn in the first place. Preventative grub control treatments work by seeping down into your lawn to eliminate grubs eggs or newly hatched grubs. By effectively eliminating these grubs before they can start chewing on the roots of your grass, you can prevent them from causing any damage to your turf!

Preventative Grub Control Should Be Applied Before The Eggs Hatch

If your lawn has had previous trouble with beetles, chances are it'll have a grub problem too. Grubs are beetle larvae laid in your soil and will become most active during the warmer weather; their season starts in the late summer and lasts throughout the fall. Therefore, preventative grub control treatments should be applied in the early summer, before the grub eggs have a chance to hatch and become active, to deliver the most effective results.

Without preventative treatments, your lawn is more susceptible to grub damage.

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Preventative grub treatments will set up your lawn for success by protecting it from falling victim to grub damage. However, without them, you're leaving your lawn defenseless against an insatiable grub population that will take every opportunity to feed on its roots and other organic matter in your soil. Your grass will be more susceptible to grub damage, and although there are curative treatments that can kill them, the damage that they caused can not be reversed. If your lawn has fallen victim to grubs, not only will you need to invest in curative treatments to eliminate them, but you'll also have to invest in lawn care services to help your lawn recover. To save you time, money, and headaches, it is best to prevent the problem altogether by investing in preventative treatments,

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Signs of grub damage on your lawn include patches of brown or dead grass that can lift easily.

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At TurfXpert, we know how damaging grubs can be to your lawn, and we offer preventative grub control treatments to help you get ahead of them before they get the chance to start munching on the roots of your grass. We also offer curative treatments to eliminate any existing grubs on your lawn if you missed out on our preventative treatment.

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